The Motherland

You might be wondering why I call the U.K. the Motherland. No, I’m not English. My ancestors came from Southern Italy and so many other people of Latino, Asian, or European lineage can trace their ancestry to some other country that isn’t England. However our court system, structure of government, and—don’t forget—the English language, which is the most widely spoken across the U.S. (for now). So, even though we fought two wars against the British, by the end of the nineteenth century until today, Great Britain has been our closest ally and our rapport with England has come to be known as the “Special Relationship”

How to heal our nation.

First, we need start honoring the truth. I have watched seven presidential campaigns, in my lifetime. Many candidates from both parties have lied at times. I can accept that because that’s part of politics. But Donald Trump’s lying is beyond the pale, it’s pathological. The Washington Post has documented, and fact checked Trump’s lies for the past four years. Trump has lied over 40.000 times. You can check it out for yourself Of course, Trump’s prevarication is not the only problem, we also have to deal with the alternate reality of the QAnon followers.

On the other side of the aisle, so to speak, the left wing of the Democratic party has gone off the rails with identity politics. Centrists, like myself, and the right wing of the Republican party (oh, that is the entire Republican party) are sick of identity politics and political correctness, and if the SJWs keep up the nonsense, they are not only going to alienate Republicans, but fellow Democrats as well. There’s an excellent book about this problem by Professor Jonathan Haidt, called The Coddling of the American Mind in which he discusses the utter lunacy that’s taking place in some of the most elite college’s in America.

The way I see it, there’s too much derision and hate between the two parties, but it’s not an even split. And this is hard to hear for my Republican friends. First I have to say a few words about false equivalency. If, for instance, the kid next door throws a rock and breaks your window, that’s misbehaving. Now your kid gets a stick, hits the rock-throwing kid over the head and he needs stitches. So would you say that they’re both bad boys and need to be grounded. Of course you wouldn’t. You would realize that your kid might need therapy. Well, the same goes for political parties. When people are asked their opinion about politics and Washington, they often say “They’re all crooks and liars.” This blanket statement excuses them from having to think critically. In other words, they should try to figure out who is throwing rocs and who is hitting people on the head with sticks.

Even when they had control of congress and the Presidency, the Republicans passed very few bills besides a tax cut that disproportionally favored the rich. Instead of offering solutions to problems, they’re mission in life seems to be to stop anything the Democrats suggest. At one point during the Obama administration, the Republicans blocked their own bill because they didn’t want Obama to get credit for it. In 2008, not to long after Obama won the election, Mitch McConnell, the then Senate Majoring leader, said that his main goal in the Senate was to make sure Obama didn’t get a second term. That’s called obstructionism. Political scientist, Norm Ornstein, has written several books about politics, and they have been accepted and praised by people from both sides of the aisle. Ornstein is a centrist and he has tried to approach the subject politics even handedly. However, when the Republican party reached the point where one could justifiably call them the party of obstruction, Ornstein and Thomas Mann decided to write a book about it called It’s even worse than it looks.

I’m not about to let Democrats off the hook. They need to stop assuming that all people living in the “heartland” are racists or goobers. And stop calling the Midwest and the South “The Flyover States.” That’s rude and downright stupid. Be a little more charitable.

People on the right: Please stop hating Democrats. They have no plans to take away your guns or your Bibles. The fact that you can’t admit defeat, implies that if the Democrats govern, it’s the end of the world. Both sides must stop exaggerating the level of danger the other presents.

Finally, in the words of Rodney King: “Can’t we all get along.”