Why I’m Losing Sleep

I fear that in 2024, the next presidential election cycle, it will be far worse, maybe even a police state. This is no idle chatter. I’m serious and the thought of what is to come keeps me up at night. I’ve read numerous articles across the political spectrum and watched plenty of videos. Throughout my reading and viewing I focused, primarily, on the actual events and words attributed to Donald Trump, who has a strangle hold on the GOP. His grip is so tight that his minions in Congress will lie through their teeth and turn a blind eye to the obvious truth, rather than say a bad word against the former president. When people who have a shred of decency go against the grain, like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheyney, they are threatened with being primaried or have their committee leadership stripped. Woe is the U.S.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: Trump is the only president to snub the inauguration in 150 years. He is also the only president ever who refused to concede the election results. Yet, his rabid fans don’t seem to mind, which is very concerning.

This is something you would expect to happen in some banana republic, not the United States. The video below provides a good summary of what I fear for us. God Bless and protect the United States.

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