About This Site

The main focus of this site will be on politics and public policy. I hope to be as honest and forthcoming as I can. I hope my readers respond with the same goals. Very often, wherever I may be and a political discussion ensues, some people stay out of it, claiming to be “apolitical” while others shout their beliefs, passionately, often not allowing one to finish one’s sentence. Then there is the rare few who, regardless of which side of an issue they’re on, speak rationally, calmly, and are willing to at least listen to the other side.

Although several leading scholars, including Jonathan Haidt contend that most people’s opinion about politics and public policy is formed primarily by emotion, I still believe people are capable of making rational choices when they are fully armed with facts. In the “so called” post-truth society in which we now live, mine is a minority opinion. However, I persevere.